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ips & Tricks

ips & Tricks

Here are a few features scattered throughout the site that can help you get more value out of the information presented within:

ajor headings are in red letters with a gold leaf background, and -except for administrative pages- start with a fancy medieval letter.

minus sign in a circle image This symbol appears to the right of all major headings on the page. It will hide all but the major heading for that section, which frees up page real-estate for viewing other sections.

plus sign in a circle image This symbol appears to the right of all major headings on the page. It reverses the effect of the above feature.

Filters are used to find data that meets criteria that you specify.  They look much like this, though the names of the fields in the drop-down box will differ:

Filter by
Find it!

If you double-click on the first Filter line, another Filter line will show up.  You can repeat the process to get as many Filter lines as you need.  In order for a data record to be returned, it must pass each Filter line test that you specify.   If you want data records that match any one of your tests instead of all tests, type the word OR at the end of the filter criteria you entered in the "by" input box.

If you double-click the last (of several) Filter lines, it will go away.

 This image in the Filter line will pop up a window explaining, in somewhat comprehensible English by the commercial software vendor, the full set of search features you can make use of.  

The list of resources and bibliographic entries on the various pages underneath the Crafts menu are filtered from the full listings found under the Resources menu.  In a perfect world, each page under the craft menu would have a perfectly cross-referenced list of resources and bibliographic entries just for it.  Then again, in a perfect world, I would be paid to do this full time and that task would already be done!  I'm not, and it isn't, so if you don't find what you need on a Crafts menu page, check the full listing!