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bout our Artisans

bout our Artisans

Each of our Artisans has volunteered to take a considerable amount of time to add content to our site.  We hope you find their work of value to you!
ecent Commentaries

ecent Commentaries


Enamelist Society Conference by David Wendelken

I went to the 2011 Enamelist Society conference at Arrowmont craft school in Gatlinburg, TN for the last week, plus conference workshops before and af

Constructive Horizons by David Wendelken

I've been building software for a living for over three decades.  The first six years were pretty lean because I went to work for a small 'pop' s

Beginner Enamelist Workshop in Fayetteville, NC, 30-July-2011 by David Wendelken

I'll be teaching an beginner's enameling workshop for beginners at my home. An RSVP is required, so you'll need to Contact me ahead of time for the a

How-To Organize the How-To Pages by David Wendelken

The plan for organizing the How-To page information.

Enameling and Sand Casting by David Wendelken

I got the ok from a local community college to teach two evening courses this fall, each of which will cover beginning enameling and sand casting. I'm

Next Steps by David Wendelken

Various topics including some Enameling and Sand Casting courses, Tool Making, Iconography and Sacred Geometry.

Two New Books of Interest to Metal Workers by David Wendelken

Brief comments about two new book acquisitions, Hoover & Hoover's translation of Agricola's 1555 AD work,De Re Metallica and Etruscan Granulationb

Explaining My Research Process by David Wendelken

David explains the iterative research process that he is using in order to develop the content for this site.

Genderized Arts? by David Wendelken

I have learned a number of arts over the last few decades.  It’s one of the virtues of having married a very learned and talented woman; pl

Is Handmade Art Dead? by David Wendelken

"An indulgent public has discovered an agreeable benefit in cheapness and in the power to supply itself with an ever-increasing number of commodities

From the Ground Up Competition by David Wendelken

Explains the rules for the From The Ground Up contest.

Status Update by David Wendelken

An explanation of our goals and the next steps in our plan.